PCB Prototype&Turnkey assembly service

PCB Prototyping Boards

PCB prototyping boards can be combined into a variety of simple and complex printed circuit board.These boards can help reduce solder connections and the number of wires that need to be used to connect several different circuit components together. They can provide power and ground bussing, thus providing an easy opportunity for multiple components to connect to the power bus if needed.
PCB prototype are often used to prove a concept of an electrical circuit before a final design is sent for manufacturing.

PCB Prototyping, a challange to designers

Prototyping has been a challenge for printed circuit board designers for decades. Most options available were designed for large scale manufacturers with long lead times and large budgets. But these days, many people have the skill and desire to design PCBs and use them in all sorts of innovative new products and inventions. A small budget or quick turnaround time shouldn’t keep you from turning your idea into a prototype.

Prototype PCB Fabrication & Prototype PCB Assembly

We can offer a complete turnkey service for PCB prototyping: PCB Layout Design, PCB prototype fab, and PCB Assembly. Our circuit board prototyping services and turn times are unmatched:

By networking with ful feature PCB manufacturing and assembly facilities, including HDI PCB, we can provide printed boards as quickly as in 24 hours.

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