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MultiTech Electron HK Ltd.


MultiTech established in 2006, run PCBWell.com.
Company specializes in high-density and high-tech PCB development, production and sales, and our products are widely used in computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, LED, network communications, automotive electronics, industrial control and medical and other downstream areas.
We have been focusing providing excellent service and amazing price of PCB. Our manufacturing capabilities range from PCB prototype to large quantities. We are able to manufacture printed circuit board prototypes in express service up to 50 layers. With years of experience in PCB industry, our production base area has taken up 7,300 square meters, with more than 420 workers, the monthly output capacity is more than 10000 sample projects with over 25,000 square meters on mass-product. As one of the leading suppliers in China, We are confident to offer high quality and 100% reliable PCBs to our customers.
Company processes, technology and quality control leads the industry level, access to the customer's approval, has been with Foxconn, Bosch, Hella, BMW, SONY, UC Davis Physics and other world famous enterprises establish long-term business relationship.
On the basis of PCB manufacturing, MultiTech propels one-stop services of PCB design, PCB fabrication and PCB assembly proactively. To create the best whole value for projects, our company has eliminated customers’ trouble in communication, follow-up and coordination during the management flows of product design, processing and purchasing. The cycles of customers’ R&D, pilot and produce are shortened effectively by seamless transition among different business within the company, reducing the total cost. The professional techniques increase Right-First-Time of customers’ R&D programs.
With the continuous expansion of production scale and strong support for R&D results, production process and technology has improved gradually, the company not only with the whole process of production capacity PCB and multilayer lamination, drilling, inner and outer line, surface treatment, and many individual technological breakthroughs in the field, but also aperture, line width, line spacing, number of layers and other key technical indicators among the same industry-leading level. Currently, the company produces PCB smallest aperture of up to 0.1mm, the highest number of layers can reach 50 layers, the max finish board thickness 8.0mm, max copper thickness 12oz, min line width/line space is 3.0/3.0mil. We have abundant experience in making Heavy Board, Heavy Copper Board, Mixed Board, High Frequency Board, High TG, High Precision Impedance Controlled Board, Flex-semi Board, Flex Board and so on.
The company's advanced technology and production process effectively guarantee product quality and yield, and high-end products, manufacturing capabilities, help the company market competitiveness and profitability further improved.
Meanwhile, MultiTech has passed the certificates of international quality system as ISO9001:2008,UL(No:E362511), ROHS, currently we are applying for TS16949 & certificate for Military.
Quick turn service: 24-hour delivery for double-sided boards, 48-hour for 4 to 8 Layer boards, we are dedicated to providing boards on time with the best price, helping our clients to reduce their production cost and critical development cycle time, this would be beneficial for them to capture more business.
Looking forward to the future, MultiTech will concentrate on the innovation and development of electronics hardware as before, and make persistent efforts on PCB, one-stop service, integrated circuit and military products. With first class service, we are going to create more value for our customers.


Plate Copper Line

6 Heads NC Drill Machine



E-Testing Room


AOI Test

FQC System

Impedance Tester

  • Lamination
  • Plate Copper Line
  • 6 Heads NC Drill Machine
  • Exposure
  • Desline
  • E-Testing Room
  • NC V-CUT
  • AOI Test
  • FQC System
  • Impedance Tester